Thunderbird 28 Jul 2007 01:21 pm

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and kind words. For every comment on this blog, I’ve been receiving an additional 2 or 3 personal e-mails of encouragement. Seeing this outpouring of support really energizes us and lifts our spirits.

We would like to re-iterate that we see great things for Thunderbird, and believe that a move to a new organization will allow Thunderbird to grow and evolve faster. The current situation isn’t working, a change is needed in order for Thunderbird to move forward.

One of our most important goals is to enhance the lives of Thunderbird users. We don’t know if we’ll ever have, as Mitchell states, “enough [people] to compete with other players for a consumer based product.” But we do know that millions of people use and depend on Thunderbird every day, and with dedicated resources and focus, we know that we can enhance the lives of millions more.

Additionally, we want everyone to know that each developer, localizer, and tester means a great deal to us, and every contribution to Thunderbird is valued and important. Adding just one person to the effort, for example a dedicated Thunderbird build engineer, will make a huge difference. In fact, just that one person would have enabled us to release Thunderbird 2.0 a couple of months earlier.

We feel strongly about being open, transparent and doing the right thing during this transition and beyond. We’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop as we move forward for finding a new place for Thunderbird to thrive.

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